My Pawsome Pet is an Australian based online shop that is also in *local markets offering a selection of clothing and accessories especially hand-picked to guarantee the highest quality and comfort for your pet as they deserve it.
But behind the business, we are hard-working people that truly care about the pets and how they feels.

We carefully selected item by item for you, and some of our products are made with eco-friendly material to bring joy and provide the best comfort for pets of different sizes and breeds. And yes, we do think about the paw-parents too, for this reason we have competitive prices to accommodate everyone’s budget.

All what we want is to give back to your pet part of the love and attention they always gave to you, and a way to do so is offering to them some nice and cosy outfits.

Just like us, they also loves compliments. So hurry up and let’s go shopping!


My Pawsome Pet wants you to have an unique customer service experience and our work is focused to your satisfaction and your fur-kids joy, health and well-being. We do not offer products that can be harmful in any level, shape or form.

We have a real passion for pets, they are beautiful and magical creatures, with some similarities and few differences.
Although they can’t say a single word, have you noticed they can change our life for better just being themselves?

I want you to think about it when you are shopping with us, and how you can make them feel loved right now.
How appreciative they will be and will look like wearing some comfortable clothes or accessories that were bought by someone that loves them unconditionally. Trust me, they will thank you later.


We would prefer not to promise anything but to prove you everything! This is My Pawsome Pet philosophy.
Many pet owners go above and beyond the imagination just like we do for our kids right?
But for some others this is not always that simple, such for students, pensioners or unemployed people.
Because we do have a good variety of clothes we can *match prices, also sometimes offer vouchers and discounts.
My Pawsome Pet is an Australian local business that support animal charities such RSPCA in QLD.


* My Pawsome Pet will ensure that all items purchased at our online shop or at any local markets where we promote our business, are brand new, unworn, unused and flawless. Furthermore, we promised all the product matches the exact description as mentioned on point of sale and if is proven any faults (by manufacturer) you will get full refund.
* It is also My Pawsome Pet responsibility to ship out any item sold at our online shop within 3 business days after a full payment has been completed.
* The customer (buyer) is fully responsible for choosing the right style, color, quantity and sizes of any purchase, and to make a full payment of any purchase even if any discount is applied to the final price.


* The customer (buyer) must measure their pet before make any purchase, as alternative please contact us by e-mail for further assistance to avoid misunderstandings or delays in case of a refund is offered.
* It is also the customer (buyer) full responsibility to pay for any delivery or shipping for a return item when previously authorized by My Pawsome Pet by a formal statement.
* All items must be returned to the seller address (My Pawsome Pet) for analysis on what situation the customer (buyer) claim for a refund.
* If a refund is approved, the customer (buyer) will only receive the amount paid for the products, excluding any extra deliveries or shipping fees
* For an exchange item, the customer (buyer) must be aware they will need to pay for a delivery or shipping fee and My Pawsome Pet won’t send any item before receive a fee to pay for a delivery or shipping to the customer (buyer)
* In order to return and receive a full refund, the customer (buyer) must prove the item is unused, unworn, unopened and has not been changed in any way, form or shape.
* Please ready all general terms, conditions, refunds and return policies very carefully and in case you still having concerns we are here to clarify all your doubts to make your buying experience enjoyable.

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Only because we love pets...

Only because we love pet...

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